Collection: Bes Hair Color Direct Application

This collection firstly comprises a reflecting and conditioning coloring foam, enriched with linseed extract, that gives color, volume and shine to the hair. It is a temporary direct hair coloring comprising bright and intense colors. The foam is a great choice for a  quick and easy application with brush or comb. Leave-on product, no rinsing.

Secondly, this direct dye category includes the Movie Colors cream whic allows to create extremely easily true artworks on the hair. Flash vibrant hues to achieve a crazy look and delicate pastel colors to create a rainbow effect. A combination of fluorescent colors which glow under the Wood lights. Natural tones to refresh and revitalize faded colors or to hide white hair.

The Movie Colors allow to obtain deep, bright and creative colors, for a stylish trendy look. They do not contain ammonia and they do not need any oxidizing cream or developer. They do not have a bleaching or lifting power and they are silicon free.

They can be applied on natural or previously bleached hair. The Movie Colors are available in 20 completely mixable nuances. The Movie Color Clear allows to blend and lighten the other 19 colors of the line and it makes the color last longer protecting the hair from the damage of the free radicals and UV radiations, main responsible of the color fading.