The daily cleansing of the scalp and the right washing are essential passes to warranty to one the sensation of freshness and renewal. To let the product be cuddled by SILKAT DAY BY DAY products. Means taking care of its one beauty.
The line of silkat day by day is:

  • D1 SILKAT EQUALIZER ACTIVE SHAMPOO is a balanced washing basis which allows a gentle daily shampooing shampoo in a gentle.
  • D2 SILKAT RESTITUTIVE CONDITIONER is a conditioner that compensate and balance the hair Ph. The phytoplankton extract reach in nutritional substances warranty the perfect elasticity without heaviness.
  • D3 SILKAT TONIFICANTE ACTIVE SHAMPOO Specific to bring a serious nourishment to the scalp and to the hair shaft thanks to a vegetal protein complex.
  • D4 SILKAT RISTRUTTURANTE ACTIVE SHAMPOO Specific for treated and permanent waved hair. The soy seed extract active ingredient gives nourishment and rebalance the normal physiological state of the hair