Colección: Silkat Sensitive Scalp Treatments

Daily scalp cleansing and proper washing are essential steps to feel the sensation of freshness and renewal. The SILKAT DAY BY DAY line comprises:

  • D1 SILKAT EQUALIZER ACTIVE SHAMPOO is a balanced washing basis which allows a gentle daily shampooing.
  • D2 SILKAT RESTITUTIVE CONDITIONER is a conditioner that compensate and balance the hair Ph. The phytoplankton extract reach in nutritional substances warranty the perfect elasticity without heaviness.
  • D3 SILKAT TONIFICANTE ACTIVE SHAMPOO Specific to bring a serious nourishment to the scalp and to the hair shaft thanks to a vegetal protein complex.
  • D4 SILKAT RISTRUTTURANTE ACTIVE SHAMPOO Specific for treated and permanent waved hair. The soy seed extract active ingredient gives nourishment and rebalance the normal physiological state of the hair