GLOSSARY-Pre pigmentation


This operation is used when you want to obtain perfect coverage of gray hair, in the presence of hair very exploited and exhausted in its structure by the repeated use of aggressive products and treatments.

 Hair of this type literally rejects the color or receives it irregularly, causing stains, crossings or halos.

Pre-pigmentation, in general, is carried out using nuances of a lighter tone than the tone you want to achieve. With a brush, apply the chosen color directly on lengths and ends, which are usually the most exploited parts. At the same time as application, massage with fingers protected by gloves, to facilitate the penetration of the product into the already partially open cuticle.

 At the end of this operation, after a few minutes of exposure, we proceed to  the application of the dye of the desired tone chosen respecting the common relations of mixture with the oxidant.

 Pre pigmentation is a technique that:

  •  Avoid toning on ash tones;
  • Allows full coverage of white hair;
  • It allows to make fragile colors more tenacious.

Example 1:


Percentage of gray: 100 %.


Target to achieve: 7.0 Blond

Mix for pre-pigmentation:



10 g of 8.0 Light Blond

10 g of 8.3 Golden Light Blond


10 ml of oxidant 0 Vol. 0%.






Set the pre pigmentation mixture on the affected areas of the hair.

Exposure time: 15 minutes.

Without rinsing the pre pigmentation mixture, we proceed to the application of the final color 7.0 Blond, in an adequate proportion with oxidant at 20 Vol. 6%.

Exposure time: 35/40 minutes

For all other specific color formulation cases, please refer to the tables available at: