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BES Intensive Colors

BES Intensive Colors

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Salon service:

An innovative product that guarantees the hairstylist a unique, ideal, long-lasting, single-process color service that intensifies every result. Ammonia free. Rich in color pigmentation and active principles. To personalize and exalt the reflection and highlights of color.

When combined with permanent or semi-permanent color, it enhances and emphasizes the result by giving more intensity and longer-lasting color.

Product setting:

The beauty of hair is synonymous with color, luminosity, and reflection.
It is possible to personalize and emphasize the reflection of nuances to create a difference in color, cut, and style.

The Plus:

COCONUT OIL: Important derivates of coconut oil, present in the creamy base, assures lightness and tangle-free results.

VEGETABLE LIPOSOME: The content of liposomes includes a series of active principles derived from important officinal plants, which allow the hair to regain its original aesthetic beauty.

BEESWAX: The beeswax contained in the cosmetic cream rebalances the hydrolipidic value of the hair system, an important factor so as to ensure elasticity, and beauty to the hair.

Technical characteristics:

Reflection cream with a high concentration of pigment and with intensive action that permits personalize, emphasize and creation with permanents colors or semi-permanents unique nuances and particular hues that exalt the stylist’s creative inspiration.


The strong synergic link created between the MPR molecule (molecule of reflecting pigment) and MIC (molecule of intermediate coloring) permits to obtain a highly reflective intensity to the hair.

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