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BES Krystal Lamination Treatment Kit Display Box 4 Products

BES Krystal Lamination Treatment Kit Display Box 4 Products

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Hair Lamination is a cosmetic treatment capable of transforming dull, stressed, dry and weakened hair into healthy, compact, shiny and bright hair. The hair fiber is regenerated, hydrated, wrapped in a protective film that supports and insulates the hair. A laminated mirror effect is obtained which enhances the colors and all the reflections of the hair, giving a healthier appearance and a velvety touch.


Hair Lamination does not affect the structure and internal conformation of the hair, but acts totally on the external cuticle, which is the portion of the hair most subject to alteration and deterioration caused by chemical, physical and environmental stresses.

Shampoo Detox


In a very simple method, which takes from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the length of the hair.
Kristal Lamination Treatment can be performed through 3 different protocols:

  • Recompacting-sealing Hair Lamination
  • Beauty & Prevention Hair Lamination
  • Chromatic Hair Lamination


Before proceeding with the chosen Hair Lamination protocol, comb the hair with a large brush, in order to regulate the hair. Wet the hair and apply the necessary amount of KLT Shampoo Detox 1. Massage gently, wrapping the hair in a soft foam and leave on for 2/3 minutes, in order to favor the chelating and cleansing action of the product. Rinse thoroughly, removing any shampoo residue and proceed to the next step.

Phyto Lamination Potion

Nourishing and repairing hair mask for the lamination treatment. It makes the hair stronger, shinier and brighter, giving a laminated mirror effect that enhances the beauty and the color of the hair.


Pour the required quantity of KLT Phyto Lamination Potion into a non-metallic bowl. Partially dry the hair (60-70%). Divide the hair into four blocks, with one separation from the front area to the nape, and another from ear to ear. Apply the product with a brush, taking care to saturate each lock. Manipulate with your fingers in order to facilitate the penetration and action of active substances.

Sealing Elisir

Ultra-light conditioning hair spray. It seals the cuticle and creates a protective film on the hair fiber. It restores the pH of the hair and protects it from oxidation, maintaining its hydrolipidic balance. With precious Amazonian Buriti Oil.


Intensive sealing elixir for hair reparation. Perfect to achieve a fluid reconstruction of the cuticular layer of the hair. The precious Buriti Oil treatment immediately restores damaged hair, guaranteeing smoothness, strength and shine. On towel-dried hair, select small locks (0,8-1,2 inches), and spray SEALING ELISIR 3 accurately and evenly on roots, lengths and ends. Wrap each individual lock in order to intensify the action of the product. The enveloping and protective action of the product, through a waterproofing sheath, allows to seal and preserve the cuticular layer of the hair fiber over time. After careful application, proceed with drying or go to step 4, according to the hair type.

Mirroring Drops

Ultra nourishing protective hair fluid. It strengthens and insulates the hair fiber. It creates a mirror laminated effect, protecting the hair from direct heat and pollution. With precious Buriti Oil.


Apply the necessary amount of product on damp or dry hair, taking care to distribute the product evenly throughout the hair. To obtain the mirror effect, at the end of the styling, reapply the product evenly over the entire hair without exceeding. The result will be a total and long-lasting mirror effect on the hair. Its particular formula allows you to protect and isolate the hair from atmospheric agents and direct heat sources (hairdryer, straightener and iron). Excellent to be used daily to face anti-aesthetic phenomena caused by various anomalies, including TRICOPTYLOSIS (split ends) and TRICHONODOSIS (localized lesion of the hair stem).

Beauty & Prevention Hair Lamination

Sauna method

Moisturizing maintenance treatment.

Collect the hair in a traditional hair cap or use a transparent plastic film. Leave on for about 15/20 minutes under a cloud of steam.

Direct method

With a diffuser or sponge gloves, bring heat to the hair. Let the product act for 15/20 minutes. With a wide comb, distribute the hair in various directions.

Recompacting-sealing Hair Lamination

Termic method

Intensive Hair Lamination Treatment.

Use a direct heat source (flat iron), adjusting the temperature from 320°F to 350°F. Select 0,8-1,2 inches locks. Proceed slowly with the passage of the flat iron on every single lock, replicating the action for 2/3 times. Leave to cool down for about 5 minutes.

Chromatic Hair Lamination

Direct method

The Chromatic Hair Lamination allows obtaining a sensational cosmetic treatment. In addition of bringing the benefits and advantages of a simple Hair Lamination, it enhances and emphasizes the mirror effect and makes the hair shine as a crystal. The chromatic deposit in the external portion of the hair, compacted and sealed, gives more crystalline, intense, vibrant and more resistant reflections. The Chromatic Hair Lamination is done through the direct method. Example: 40 grams of Phyto Lamination Potion + 20 grams of Movie Colors (desired shade or mix).

Rinse with plenty of warm water, from top to bottom, eliminating all traces of product. Finally, cause a thermal shock with a jet of cold water on the lengths and ends, in order to favor the compact closure of the cuticular.


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