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BES Color Reflection Cool-It Shampoo

BES Color Reflection Cool-It Shampoo

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BES COLOR REFLECTION Shampoo & Mask are an artistic hair color tool that allows hairstylist to become color interpreter, offering the ability to customize and personalize hair color in a unique and transformational way. Illuminate, enhance, intensify, totalize, neutralize, or revive color all while the thoughtfully formulated shampoo and mask nourish, restructure and soften the hair without the use of Silicones, Parabens, and Paraffin making the hair healthier and more beautiful. 

BES COLOR REFLECTION Shampoo & Mask BES Color Reflection Shampoos and Masks have been enriched with Argan Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Butter, and Vitamin E.


Shampoo is specifically formulated for light hair colors, grey, white, or de-colorized hair. Eliminates unwanted warm tones on de-colorized or lighter hair colors. Revives the splendor of grey and white hair by eliminating the yellowing caused by smog and pollution. The simple application and rapid neutralizing of unwanted tones prepare a perfect base to apply platinum and ultra-platinum hair colors. A blue/purple tone may remain on very porous light blond hair colors. Always monitor Cool-It during the processing time to ensure that you reach optimal results.

Processing times:

  • 3 minutes: neutralizes leaving a natural cool tone.
  • 5 minutes: neutralizes leaving an icy cool tone.
  • More than 5 minutes: neutralizes and leaves a blue tone.

Delicately cleanses the hair leaving it soft and velvety.

To neutralize pale yellow, yellow, intense yellow, and orange. To neutralize underlying pigments when lightening the hair. To enhance the beauty of white or grey hair by eliminating yellow or brassy tones. To neutralize warmth prior to any totalization or cold neutralization. Mix with VIOLET RAYS and PURPLE GAME to create pastel color effects.

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