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Chainplex is a treatment that protects and reconstructs hair fiber. It is dedicated to the ones who wish to have healthy hair with a natural and bright look, without renouncing the beauty of their colors and the fantasy of their shapes. 


During the common technical services such as oxidative coloration, bleaching, perms, and straightening treatments, the hair undergoes a physical transformation that causes the opening of the cuticular scales, thus exposing the inside of the hair, the cortex, to the several substances contained in the product. For example, this phenomenon allows the pigments to penetrate the cortex during coloration. CHAINPLEX takes advantage of this situation to go inside the hair and rebuild it.


The success and the power of Chainplex come from its amino acid components. Properly chosen and selected, they represent the simplest elements of keratin, the main component of the hair. Thanks to their low molecular weight, their small steric sizes, and the quaternary compound that coordinates them, these specific amino acids can penetrate the hair fiber and successfully fit in the keratin chain. They replace the damaged amino acids or the ones which have been lost after several chemical or mechanical stress to the hair is continually subjected to. The keratin structure of the hair is thus NATURALLY reconstructed.


The quaternary compound counteracts the electrostatic repulsion forces, carries the amino acids, and releases them in the proper moment. Chainplex provides a double guarantee since it acts in the cuticle, the most external part of the hair, and the cortex, the most internal.


Chainplex N. 2 – Chain Stabilizer allows the keratin molecules of the cuticular layer to receive the same treatment. It favors the closure of the cuticular scales, and it seals off the hair, thus protecting and reinforcing it.

Acting in an absolutely natural way, Chainplex in no way compromises the results of the chosen technical treatment, even after many and many applications. The links that are established between the amino acids that make up keratin molecules are absolutely natural and not artificial. For this reason, it does not affect in any case the action of future coloring and discoloration treatments. The hair will take all the colors, all the shades, and the desired shapes whenever you would want to. While using it, Chainplex N. 1 – Chain Rebuilder replaces the damaged amino acids and supersedes those lost after the technical treatments. It helps to reconstruct the previously broken disulfide bonds in a completely natural way. The hair will have a more vital, stronger, and brighter look.

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