Restricted Use of Educational Materials

Confidentiality of information contained in educational materials 

By registering and attending our events, the attendee acknowledges and agrees that materials provided for strictly personal educational purposes may not be copied, reproduced, altered, disclosed, or assigned to third parties without the express written authorization of BES Distributions of America (hereinafter BDOA). 

BDOA is the only entity authorized to provide educational certifications as an exclusive distributor in the United States of America for the products manufactured by the Italian company Cosmec Srl, under the brand BES Beauty & Science and any other published on the website.

The notebooks, books, brochures, and any other printed material or digital media supplied during these events are the exclusive property of Cosmec Srl, which reserves all rights of exploitation, commercialization, dissemination, and limited use of said contents exclusively.

Certifications or accreditations granted during our events may not be transferred to third parties, they only accredit the person named in the certificate within the area of knowledge indicated on it.

The educational purpose of these materials is limited to the orientation of sub-distributors, licensed hair salons, and cosmetologists regarding the use and applications of the products mentioned in them per the manufacturer recommendations.

When quoting part of this material, the certified educator must indicate the place and date on which he had access to said materials, respecting the original text written by the manufacturer, without alterations.

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