GLOSSARY-Re pigmentation


This technique is used when the loss of natural or cosmetic pigments occurs as a result of lightening, discoloration, too frequent washing and / or with shampoos not suitable for treated hair, continuous exposure to the sun, use of tools that transmit direct heat to the hair (irons and straighteners), or when the expression of color must be recovered both in tone and in reflection.

Example: Initial tone 10.0 platinum blonde.

 Target to achieve: 6.6 Red Dark Blond.

Mix for re-pigmentation with Hi-Fi:

10 gr of 7.64 Red Copper Blond

5 gr of 7.6 Red Blond

15 ml of oxidant 10 Vol. 3 %.




Deposit the mixture of re pigmentation in the areas of the hair to be re-pigmented.

Laying time: 15 minutes.

Without rinsing the mixture of re pigmentation, we proceed to the application of the final color 6.6 Red Dark Blond, in equal proportion with the oxidant at 20 Vol 6%.

Laying time: 35/40 minutes.

For all other specific color formulation cases, please refer to the tables available at: