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BES Professional Hair Fashion is a line of styling products created in exclusivity by BES Beauty & Science for the most exigent hairstylists, a new concept of beauty, style and elegance. 

The line contains Argan Oil, Maracuja Extract and Panthenol. BES Professional Hair Fashion is the new concept of creating fashion, by improving the health and giving a better look to the hair. It is composed by specific products specially formulated to give extra-ordinary freedom to the hairstylist who has the possibility to choose the best products according to the hair and the desired look. All the products of the BES Professional Hair Fashion can be mixed with each other to obtain different features, beauty and results.

Argan Oil, precious substance, contains linoleic acid and vitamin E which stimulate the vital functions of cells and they maintain the exact hydro-lipidic balance of the hair. Maracuja is an exotic fruit that contains vitamin A, vitamin B12, proteins, phosphorus and iron which give nourishment and support to the hair. Panthenol, provitamin B5, strengthens and gives shine to the hair, hydrating and protecting the scalp. The BES Professional Hair Fashion is a line of styling products with remarkable cosmetic properties that respect and protect the hair. The scent of the line gives a sensation of freshness and freedom.

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