Collection: Silkat Bulboton Hair Loss Prevention Treatment

Every hair grows, ages, dies, and is reborn after some time. Every day, physiologically, you lose 30 to 100 hairs. The term "dysfunction" is when the number of lost hairs is higher than usual in cases where changes occur in the three life stages of the hair, named Anagen (development), Catagen (arrest), and Telogen (fall).

The SILKAT Bulboton anti-hair loss treatment can prevent hair loss unrelated to hormonal imbalance or hereditary factors. Bulboton stimulates the microcirculation in the follicle's dermal papilla and maintains good scalp hygiene while respecting the physiological balance, thus improving the life cycle of the hair and normalizing cellular metabolism.

BULBOTON HAIR LOSS PREVENTION TREATMENT contains active principles that promote new hair growth and prolong its duration. The active ingredients are a mix of vitamins (A, B1, B5, B7, E, F, and H), the capillary complex (amino acids: Methionine, Cysteine), the active complex, and plant extracts (Myrtle, Menthol, and Horse Chestnut).

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