Colección: REGAL ZERO


An ultra-delicate multifunctional hair color that allows every hairstylist to work at 360 degrees in the coloring service inside the salon. Being a permanent hair color, it is a product that definitively modifies the natural color of the hair. Therefore, it requires an oxidation process through which the coloring pigments are activated and fixed inside the hair.


The formulation of REGAL ZERO does not contain the pigment PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), the main responsible of allergic phenomena and irritations, but innovative coloring pigments that properly associated have allowed to obtain bright and luminous colors with extremely natural shades and reflections.


REGAL ZERO does not contain any AMMONIA and it is therefore a more delicate, safer, and less aggressive coloring cream. To obtain the necessary alkalinity to be
able to open the cuticular scales of the hair, a different substance (MEA) has been inserted in the formulation. This ingredient allows to have a perfumed cream and it is able to perform a balanced saturation and oxidation of the coloring pigments inside the hair.