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BES SOLAIRE is the HAIRCARE line formulated to protect, nourish and repair all hair types exposed to sun, salt, chlorine, and wind.

The BES Solaire hair products are practical, functional, and perfect for the care of your beauty at the seaside and on the beach. Their delicate, hydrating, and particularly refined formulation makes them suitable all year round, after the pool or the gym.

They are three simple products that act in synergy to protect the natural beauty of your hair and light up your color.



Chlorine exerts a negative effect on the hair fiber by reducing its natural hydrolipidic film, making it more sensitive to external aggressions and making it appear dry, brittle, frail, and dull. The chlorine that settles on the hair also induces the opening of the cuticular scales favoring the entry of radicals that degrade faster the cosmetic color of the hair. At the same time, it favors the release of the coloring pigments from the inside of the hair fiber, accelerating the color-fading process.


Salt, present in high concentrations both in seawater and in the sea air, can be very harmful to the hair as it is able to dehydrate the hair fiber, making it dry and weak.


The sun’s rays trigger strong oxidative stress on the whole hair, from the hair follicle to the stem making it drier, brittle, fragile and therefore more prone to fall. The UV rays act on the hair with a mechanism comparable (although to a lesser extent) to the radicals released by hydrogen peroxide, causing a progressive loss of color and brightness. This phenomenon also occurs in natural hair as well.

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