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Bes Regal Zero No Ammonia Permanent Hair Color Activators

Bes Regal Zero No Ammonia Permanent Hair Color Activators

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Bes Regal Zero No Ammonia Hair Color Activators


The oxidizing developers or activators determine a vital role in the colorant and permanent processes. REGAL ZERO is an innovative and multifunctional product.  With the appropriate use of 5 chosen ACTIVATION SYSTEMS, 360-degree coloration results can be obtained to meet the market's needs and the current and future fashion demand. These 5 ACTIVATION SYSTEMS, acting in perfect synergy with the base color, develop 5 different actions.

  • MASK ACTIVATOR 5 Vol. 1.5%: To mask the imperfections of gray hair bringing shine and uniformity. Ideal for male and temporary colors. For cover effect, to brighten and to recover the tone (see "Toning").
  • SHADE ACTIVATOR 10 Vol. 3%: To bring intense reflections and compactness to the color, acting perfectly with tone-on-tone coloring action, ensuring stability and coverage. To neutralize, re-pigment, and tone.
  • BALANCE ACTIVATOR 20 Vol. 6%: To balance the coverage, lightening, and deposit of pigments.
  • HIGH LIGHT ACTIVATOR 30 Vol. 9%: Lighten and highlight the color's brilliant reflections, respecting the tone's level. To be used in the presence of high concentrations of white hair.
  • ULTRA LIGHT ACTIVATOR 40 Vol. 12%: For a greater lightening, to neutralize and reflect.

The results obtained with REGAL ZERO are astonishing:

1. The naturalness: After the colorant action the hair is compact and soft to the touch, like natural hair.

2. The lasting action of the color on the structure of the hair even after several washings.

3. The stability of the color remains unchanged with no undesirable color changes.

4. The chromatic uniformity of the color from regrowth to tips obtained after colortreatment let the hair remaining bright and silky.

5. The perfect reflections.

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