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Bes Distributions of America

Bes Oxibes 0 Vol Permanent Color Oxidizing Developer

Bes Oxibes 0 Vol Permanent Color Oxidizing Developer

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Bes Oxibes 0 Vol Oxidizing Developer

Salon service:
Oxidizing creamy emulsion for coloring and lightening.

Field of application:

Used as a moisturizer for pre-pigmentation; obtain a developer with the desired volumes. For example, mixing the 0 Vol. with the 30 Vol. in a ratio of 1:1 to obtain a developer at 15 Vol. To lower the volumes of oxidizer during a coloring process. For example, starting with 30 Vol. at the roots, add some 0 Vol. to the mixture to lower the volumes and continue toning the lengths As a protective action during a double lightening process. For example, after the first lightening, mix BES Color Lock Midopla with the 0 Vol. and apply on the hair before proceeding to the second lightening.

Product setting:
Treating and moisturizing oxidizing cream. Easy to apply, It does not drip.

Quick blend and easy application thanks to the emulsifying and emollient elements, improving the compound cosmetic effect and the final result.

Technical characteristics:
Emulsion, which perfectly mixes both dyes and lightening products. Thanks to several
specialized formula substances, it develops the requested oxidative action while giving an effective protective action. Available in 4 types: 10 vol. / 20 vol. / 30 vol. / 40 vol.


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