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BES PHF Smooth Shampoo

BES PHF Smooth Shampoo

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The main characteristic of this type of hair is structure and sophistication. Straight hair, tends to ensure a smooth and very elegant result. The products of PHF PROFESSIONAL HAIR FASHION line protect and regulate straight hair giving it a smooth and polished texture. They promote a double and interchangeable effect, that is able to discipline and moldable the hair. The PHF PROFESSIONAL line offers a treatment which HAIRFASHION ensures a smooth silk result. Gives the possibility to divide the hair without tangles, PHF line isolates the hair and protects it from the formation of split ends. After each application the hair appears visibly more healthy, hydrated and Frizz-free. The hair will turn out shiny with a characteristic “mirror effect”.

SPECIFIC ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The formulas of Smooth treatment contain the Sericin, a silk protein very similar to hair keratin. The presence of this protein, forms a protective layer that allows the hair to increase its tensile strength. The hair becomes shinier, smooth and easy to comb. Excellent film protector for split ends.

SUPPORT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Maracuja extract rich in vitamin A and B12, protein, phosphorus and iron gives nourishment and sustenance to the hair. Argan Oil is rich in Linoleic Acid and vitamin E that stimulate the vital functions of the skin and maintain the appropriate hydrolipidic balance of the hair.

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