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BES TON Coloring Cream has vegetables liposomes that allows the hair to dye perfectly and to obtain bright shading thanks to its balanced formula, protecting the hair from the reactions of the treatment; it covers grey hair perfectly.

The package contains:

1 tube of coloring cream 60 ml 1 bottle of cream revealer 60 ml.

1 packet of amphoteric shampoo 15 ml. 

1 packet of acid conditioner 15 ml. (protective treatment and normalizing pH scalp and hair, color fixing)

1 pair of disposable gloves.



The hair dyes might be harmful by causing sever allergic reactions. This product is not to be used under 16 years of age. The black Henna temporary tattoos might increase the risk of allergy. Do not color hair: when in presence of facial skin eruption or sensitive, irritated scalp, in any case of reaction while coloring hair, past reaction during a black Henna tattoo. Do not use to color eyelashes and eyebrows . Avoid any contact with eyes. If the event of contact, rinse your eyes thoroughly with water. Rinse hair very carefully after applying the product . Keep well away from children. Follow carefully the directions inside the package.

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