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Hergen P2 Oily Hair & Scalp Balancing Serum

Hergen P2 Oily Hair & Scalp Balancing Serum

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DESCRIPTION: It is a cosmetic treatment containing a sebum normalizing enzyme extracted from the Meadowsweet. This active ingredient normalizes the most superficial layer of the stratum corneum by regulating the amount of exceeding sebum on the hair and on the scalp.

DIRECTIONS: Clean the scalp and the hair with the Hergen P1 Sebum Balancing shampoo. Towel dry. Homogenize the Hergen P2 Sebum Balancing Lotion product by gently agitating the bottle. With the special dropper, remove the quantity of product required and apply on the affected areas of the scalp. Perform a gentle movement with the fingers to promote drainage. Execute a light massage to evenly distribute the product throughout the scalp helping to eliminate the exceeding sebum.


  • MASSIVE TREATMENT: Apply 2 to 3 times a week.
  • MAINTAINING PHASE: Apply once a week.
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