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Bes Distributions

Bes Professional Color Blond Nuances

Bes Professional Color Blond Nuances

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 Salon service: 

Treating cosmetic coloring deriving from vegetable extracts for all hair types.

Product setting: 
Professional coloring for hair formulated with compensation elements that beautify the product’s technical functions (shade tints. lightening, coverage) and with glycolic vegetable extracts that respect the structure of the hair.

The glycolic vegetable extracts contained in the Bes Professional Hair Coloring (Achillea, Burdock, Birch tree, Nettle, Rosemary, Sage, Tormentil) give excellent coloring results. Easy to apply, it improves the product yield. The treating properties of vegetable extracts help to preserve the hair during the coloring process.

Technical characteristics: 
BES PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLORING achieves excellent results thanks to the beauty of colors and the stability of tints. Moreover, it respects the structure of the hair and the treating action of its base.

– gives natural color
– lightens while coloring the natural hair
– make the color perfectly uniform
– complete coverage of white hair
– gives shine bright tints and lasting natural shades – allows direct lightening up to 4 shades
– safe result


Professional advice and instructions: 

BES PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLORING is usually blended in half-and-half proportions (1+1) with a lightning lotion OXIBES at 10, 20, 30, 40 VOL.

  • OXIBES 10 VOL.:
    – to enrich or enhance tones.
  • OXIBES 20 VOL.:
    – to dye thin, fragile, and delicate hair.
    – to cover a large amount of white hair.
  • OXIBES 30 VOL.:
    – to boost the bleaching power and cover white hair. – to treat resistant hair.
    – to stress warm tones.
    – to enhance the cosmetic reaction.
    – to make hair up to 3 shades lighter.
  • OXIBES 40 VOL.:
    – for super bleaching.
    – to make hair 4 or more shades lighter.


Tube of 100 ml.

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