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Salon service:
Hair straightening system.

Product setting:
It is an innovative product expressly formulated for the permanent straightening of the hair.

Available in 2 different formulations:

-SI-STRAIGHT KIT S FORCE (STRONG) strong for very curly and frizzy hair

-SI-STRAIGHT KIT M FORCE (MEDIUM) normal for curly hair (fine & chemically treated).

The Bes straightening cream allows the perfect straightening of wavy curly and frizzy hair. Its formula avoids damage and hair loss. Ideal also for color-treated hair because is enriched by an active ingredient called CASHMERE that is made from keratin protein.

Technical characteristics:
It is a creamy-based straightener. Ideal for every straightening treatment, eliminating frizziness, and leaving hair elastic and body-full.

Guarantees perfect straightening of wavy curly, frizzy hair while keeping hair soft and shiny.


Professional advice and instructions:

1 – Distribute the cream directly to unwashed hair evenly along all the length of the hair starting

at 2 millimeters from the scalp; wait 15 minutes.

2 – After 15 minutes comb the hair delicately with a fine-toothed comb.

3 – Rinse the hair delicately; dry and comb the hair straight in order to remove the cream.

4 – Apply the setting lotion evenly to the entire length of the strand with a comb and wait 10 minutes.

5 – Rinse the hair with a delicate specific shampoo.

6 – Apply the acid lotion in order to restore the natural pH of the hair.

The single-use kit consists of 3 products:

1 tube 100 ml Phase 1 – Straightening Cream

1 bottle 120 ml Phase 2 – Neutralizer

1 bottle 40 ml Phase 3 – Acid Lotion pH 2,5

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