Colección: BES Eclisse Keratin Smoothing Treatment

BES ECLISSE KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT is the new keratin smoothing treatment that BES proudly offers to every ambitious hairstylist.

In the cosmetic formulation of BES KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT, BES research used an innovative formaldehyde-free active substance that is able to modify the keratin structure of the hair and satisfy every type of request and need.

Entirely produced and made with pride in Italy, BES Keratin Smoothing Treatment:

  • Gives a perfect smoothness
  • Decreases the volume of the hair eliminating the annoying frizzy effect
  • Makes the hair bright, shiny, and soft to the touch
  • Rebuilds damaged and stressed hair fiber
  • Seals the cuticle, decreasing hair porosity and the formation of knots
  • Regenerates the hair

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