Colección: Bes Regal Zero No Ammonia Permanent Hair Color Oxidizing Developers

5 Activation Systems

The oxidizing developers or activators are vital in the hair coloring and permanent processes. REGAL ZERO is an innovative and multifunctional product.  With the appropriate use of 5 chosen ACTIVATION SYSTEMS, 360-degree coloration results can be obtained to meet the market's needs, and the current and future fashion demand. These 5 ACTIVATION SYSTEMS, acting in perfect synergy with the base color, develop 5 different actions.

  • MASK ACTIVATOR 5 Vol. 1.5%: To mask the imperfections of gray hair, bringing shine and uniformity. Ideal for male and temporary colors. For cover effect, to brighten and to recover the tone.
  • SHADE ACTIVATOR 10 Vol. 3%: To bring intense reflections and compactness to the color, acting perfectly with tone-on-tone coloring action, ensuring stability and coverage. To neutralize pigment and tone.
  • BALANCE ACTIVATOR 20 Vol. 6%: To balance the coverage, lightening, and deposit of pigments.
  • HIGH LIGHT ACTIVATOR 30 Vol. 9%: To lighten and highlight the color's brilliant reflections, respecting the tone's level. To be used in the presence of high concentrations of white hair.
  • ULTRA LIGHT ACTIVATOR 40 Vol. 12%: For a greater lightening, to neutralize and reflect.